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Upon graduating from the visual arts program at Canyon College in 1983, I worked as a portrait photographer for a variety of small studios. The routine work of doing baby picture, family portraits and weddings took an unbearable toll on my motivation and passion for photography. After taking a canoe trip through the Amazon River it clicked! I had found my niche. I was going to blend two passions together, photography and adventure! From that day forth, I gave up the studio life and began my freelancing career.

From 1985 to 1989, I spent most of my time taking photographs for numerous travel magazines. In that span of time, I developed a particular liking for the landscapes, nature, flora and fauna of the many countries I visited. Many of the photographs that resulted from those trips have found their way into magazines and publications and have become personal favorites.

The years from 1990 to 1998 were spent for the most as a photojournalist, covering world events from the trials and tribulations of the people in war-torn countries, to the excitement of sporting events. The photographs from these years provide an insight to the emotions, the feelings, the pains and the triumphs of people from every walk of life. But every thing good must come to an end. In late 1998, the ongoing struggles around the world became too much to bear on a daily basis. The constant pressure on the media to supply the most gruesome details of peoples struggles faster and more explicit than the competitor made be realize that life has to be more beautiful than this! I needed to return to doing photography for what it was meant! Capturing the beauty of our world and not its morbid face.

Since early 1999, I returned to doing photography for the love of it. The sole purpose of photography is to capture a unique moment in time. Today with the technology that is available, photography can be expanded into a more unique form of art. Taking a photograph and then enriching it with effects that further convey the mood at the moment of the shoot has not only become a business but also a catalyst in re-igniting the passion for the photography of people, places and things in a more peaceful light.

Today I still travel the world to bring you a glimpse of all that the world has to offer. If you go away from this Web site with one thing only, may it be a desire to one day visit some of the people, places and things that I have been fortunate enough to see for myself and capture on film




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